– How can I book an airport transfer service?

Please fill in the Booking form then we will send our offer by e-mail including all the details and pre-paid payment methods (bank transfer or credt card) you can choose from. As soon as we receive the official confirmation of the payment we confirm your service by e-mail.

– What is your airport pick up process?

Our driver always waits for our passengers with a nameboard in the arrival’s hall.

– I do not find my driver at the airport…

Please wait for 10-15 minutes and if you still do not find each other, call the telephone number we sent in the confirmation e-mail.

– My flight arrives late at night, is this a problem?

No problem! We can serve. Our service is non-stop!

– I have to depart early in the morning from Budapest, is this a problem?

No problem! Our service is 24/7!

– How can I pay for the service?

If you wish to pay by credit card please click on the PayPal link you can find in the e-mail we sent or you can use the bank transfer as well.

– Do I have to pay for the service in advance?

Yes, the service has to be paid in advance to avoid all false bookings.

– I am travelling with a child and I would need a child seat. Can you arrange?

Yes. Please make a note about it while sending your request.

– I am coming with many luggage, do I have to pay any extra fee?

You do not have to pay any extra fee for the luggage. Please make a note about it while sending your request.

– Can I book a service by phone?

You can not book! You can book only via our website by filling in our Booking form.

– Can I cancel my pre-paid service?

Yes, you can cancel your service 72 hours before the service starts without any cancellation fee. We can not refund the payment if you cancel the booking less than 72 hours before.

– We have additonal drop off places? How much do you charge for any additional stops?

We charge 10€ /address.

– If my flight delays will my driver wait for me?

We always check the flight’s real arrival time and come to pick you up considering that. If your flight delays more than 1 hour our driver might has 10-15 minutes late.

– Should I have to send a note about the flight delay?

It is helpful for us to receive a short note by e-mail in case you have any information about the delay before your departure.

– I missed my flight. Would you refund my money?

We do not refund any payment only in case of cancellation min. 72 hours before the service.

– My flight was cancelled. Is my reservation still valid on a new arrival time?

Yes, it is valid. Please inform us about it as soon as possible. If you arrive on the same day please consider a 10-15 minutes waiting time.

– We are departing from a hotel in Budapest to the airport (BUD). How long is the ride?

It depends on the time of the service and the distance to your hotel. Usually it is between 25-50 minutes. We usually advise to our client’s to leave their accommodation 2,5 hours before their flight’s departure time.

– How long my driver waits for me at my hotel?

Your driver waits maximum 10 minutes. If he does not meet his passenger, he leaves.

– I would like to make an order at night? Can I do that?

Yes, you can send your Booking form even at night but we can send our offer with payment links only during our working hours between 8:00 AM-8:00 PM (8:00-20-00) – Budapest time.

– How much earlier do I have to book my service?

The ideal booking time is 3-14 days before but considering the capacity we can arrange services even on the current day.

– Can you pick me up at my hotel within an hour?

No, usually there is no chance for such kind of last minute bookings because of our pre-paid bookings. Please send your request min. 24 hours before!

– Can I book a service out of Budapest?

Yes, you can. In this case please Contact us and we can make a special offer for you.

– Is there any chance you do not have capacity for the time I would like to order to?

Yes, it is possible. In this case we offer another time (earlier, or later) you can consider.

– I made a mistake in my booking details, what should I do?

Please send your request again with the correct details or reply to the e-mail we sent you and just give the information.

– I have a confirmed booking but I have changed my accommodation, what should I do?

Please send an e-mail replying to our confirmation e-mail.

– Do I have to create a PayPal account anyway?

It depends on your country. Usually there is a „Pay as a guest” link where you can pay by giving only the credit card details. But if you have to create an account it does not cost any fee or means any inconvenience for you for the future.

– Is the PayPal payment safe?

Yes, it is the most popular online payment method. You can read more about the safety: (PayPal)

– I have paid my service via PayPal? When I will receive the confirmation e-mail?

During our working hours (8:00 AM-8:00 PM) we usually send the confirmation e-mails within the next 3 hours after the PayPal confirms the payment.

– I need more vehicles, what should I do?

Please fill in the Booking form only once and make a note with all the necessary details in it.

– How can I pay via bank transfer?

Please fill in our Booking form then we will send an offer by e-mail where you can find all information you need to proceed the payment via bank transfer.

– How long does it take to confirm a booking paid via bank transfer?

It takes appr. 3-5 working days within Europe.

– I am arriving by train. Can I order a minibus to a railway station?

Yes, you can choose it while filling the Booking menu.

– I would like to order for somebody else (Travel agency). Can I do that?

Yes, please fill in the Booking form with his/her name. After the payment has done please send an e-mail with the name of the person you paid the service for.